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Hello! My name is Tony and this is my pool improvement blog. There is nothing I like more than taking a dip in the cool waters of my home swimming pool on a hot summer's day. However, I don't just want to bathe in clean water, I also want to swim in a pool which looks amazing. Having installed a standard pool in my home, I decided I needed to improve how it looked. I contacted a pool contractor who helped me to pick nice looking replacement tiles and accessories for my pool. Now my pool looks the best on my block.


Hair Clogging a Pool Pump? 5 Things You Can Do

14 May 2018
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If dirt and debris are allowed to enter the pump on your swimming pool, it can cause real problems. The pump will become inefficient and may eventually stop working. If during routine maintenance of your pool pump you find hair, it is important that you take action. Below is a guide to 5 things you can do to keep hair out of your pool pump. Use a pool vacuum A pool vacuum is a really cool piece of equipment which operates along the same lines as a household vacuum cleaner. Read More …

Two tips for those who want to build a pool on their property

11 February 2018
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If you intend to hire a pool contractor to construct a swimming pool on your property, here are some tips which should help to ensure that you end up with a well-made pool that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. Invest in a high-quality pool pump It can cost quite a bit of money to have a pool built on your property. As such, you may find yourself tempted to opt for cheaper materials in order to reduce the overall cost of the pool construction process. Read More …