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Hello! My name is Tony and this is my pool improvement blog. There is nothing I like more than taking a dip in the cool waters of my home swimming pool on a hot summer's day. However, I don't just want to bathe in clean water, I also want to swim in a pool which looks amazing. Having installed a standard pool in my home, I decided I needed to improve how it looked. I contacted a pool contractor who helped me to pick nice looking replacement tiles and accessories for my pool. Now my pool looks the best on my block.


3 Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

4 February 2022
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If you're lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard, then it's important to keep it properly maintained. A pool that isn't clean can be a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. The pathogens can be dangerous for both adults and children. Discover three useful tips you can use to keep your swimming pool healthy and safe! Check The Water Level Your pool needs to have the right amount of water at all times. Read More …