3 Benefits Of Infinity Pools

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3 Benefits Of Infinity Pools

28 April 2021
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Infinity pools are trendy right now and for good reason. They are luxurious and designed with style in mind, and they also have practical advantages when compared to traditional swimming pools. Designed to give the illusion that water flows beyond the physical parameters of the pool, infinity pools can be built to suit a wide range of spaces and have a small catchment pool just below the edge of the main pool that collects runoff water from the pool. This water is then cycled back into the main pool through a pump, which prevents water waste. Read on to learn about three benefits offered by infinity pools.

Infinity Pools Can Be Built On A Slope

A traditional swimming pool can take up a significant amount of space on your property and requires a reasonably flat surface area to build on. The edge of an infinity pool that gives the illusion of flowing water, known as the negative edge, can be built to blend in with the natural landscape, and that includes being built into a slope. Depending on the final design you agree on and the surrounding area, this can give you the benefit of having a great view while you enjoy your pool. Being able to build on a slope can also allow you to tuck your pool out of the way a bit and preserve the space on your property that you currently use for relaxing and socialising.

Infinity Pools Can Require Less Maintenance

Infinity pools have a more extensive and thorough filtration system than traditional pools. This is to ensure that water from the catchment pool is not wasted and is efficiently cycled through high-capacity pumps and back into the main body of water. The filtration system catches more debris than the standard filters that are commonly used in traditional pools, which reduces maintenance time. Additionally, the catchment pool acts as a collection point for larger pieces of debris, which can then be quickly and easily skimmed out with a pool net.

Infinity Pools Add Aesthetic Value

With their stylish and sophisticated design, infinity pools never fail to stand out and can easily become the talking point of a property. Investing in an infinity pool can raise the aesthetic value of your property, which could prove beneficial if you ever decide to sell your home. Talk to your local estate agent of you'd like to find out how an infinity pool could impact the value of your property.

If you'd like to find out more about infinity pools and the installation process, contact infinity pool builders in your area.