Three Reasons To Consider Installing A Concrete Pool Before Summer Arrives

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Three Reasons To Consider Installing A Concrete Pool Before Summer Arrives

28 May 2020
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The cold days of winter have arrived in Australia, but this does not mean it is not a good time to think about next year's summer swimming options. This is the perfect time to have a pool installed because pool contractors are more readily available during winter. It also takes time to design and build a pool, so the sooner you start, the better the odds of it being ready for the summer swim season. A concrete pool is a popular option for many homeowners, and here are three reasons why.


A concrete pool has strength on its side, which makes it a durable, long-lasting option for a family swimming pool. Not only can it withstand any punishment brought about from the kicking of your kids' feet, but it also withstands pressure on the outside. This means that tree roots have a harder time penetrating the shell of a concrete pool compared to a vinyl-lined one. The strength of concrete means the pool will last for years to come.

Design Choice

Once the concrete spray is complete, you then decide what type of aesthetic you want to have for your pool. Compared to fibreglass and vinyl pools, there is a much greater choice of finishes for a concrete pool. You could paint it any colour you like, you can tile all or part of it, or you can even have pebbles laid into the concrete as another option. A concrete pool has the greatest range of looks available to you when compared to other pool choices.

Design Flexibility

Finally, you can make a concrete pool into any shape you need or desire, so this gives you great flexibility when it comes to designing your pool. If there are any hiccups encountered while the pool is being installed, then the flexibility to make last-minute design changes is another reason why you must consider a concrete pool at your home. There is no reason to be stuck with a standard rectangular pool if this is not what you want for your property.

A concrete pool does take longer to install than a fibreglass pool because the concrete needs to cure and set before adding any water. Therefore you must contact your local pool contractor now to begin discussions about your concrete pool options so there will be plenty of time to install it in time for family fun once summer arrives.