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Hello! My name is Tony and this is my pool improvement blog. There is nothing I like more than taking a dip in the cool waters of my home swimming pool on a hot summer's day. However, I don't just want to bathe in clean water, I also want to swim in a pool which looks amazing. Having installed a standard pool in my home, I decided I needed to improve how it looked. I contacted a pool contractor who helped me to pick nice looking replacement tiles and accessories for my pool. Now my pool looks the best on my block.


Three Reasons To Consider Installing A Concrete Pool Before Summer Arrives

28 May 2020
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The cold days of winter have arrived in Australia, but this does not mean it is not a good time to think about next year's summer swimming options. This is the perfect time to have a pool installed because pool contractors are more readily available during winter. It also takes time to design and build a pool, so the sooner you start, the better the odds of it being ready for the summer swim season. Read More …