Two tips for those who want to build a pool on their property

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Two tips for those who want to build a pool on their property

11 February 2018
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If you intend to hire a pool contractor to construct a swimming pool on your property, here are some tips which should help to ensure that you end up with a well-made pool that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Invest in a high-quality pool pump

It can cost quite a bit of money to have a pool built on your property. As such, you may find yourself tempted to opt for cheaper materials in order to reduce the overall cost of the pool construction process.

However, whilst there is nothing wrong with, for example, choosing cheap-and-cheerful tiles or selecting a low-cost pool cover, it is essential to invest in the highest-quality pool pump you can afford. There are several reasons for this.

First and foremost, the pool pump performs an extremely important function; it extracts dirty water out of the pool, directs it into the filter and then pushes the newly-cleaned water out of the filtration system, back into the pool.

If your pool pump is made from low-quality materials that deteriorate rapidly when used on a regular basis, it will be far more likely to develop a fault that will impede its ability to perform this critical function. This, in turn, could affect how clean your pool water is and how safe it is to swim in.

A cheap pool pump which rapidly deteriorates will also cost you more money in the long run, as you will probably end up having to pay a pool contractor to repair or replace it just a few months after having it installed.

Secondly, the cheapest type of pool pump is usually the single-speed variety. Single-speed pool pumps use far more electricity than their more energy-efficient, variable-speed or two-speed counterparts.

As such, while the upfront cost of this type of pump may be very low, it could end up drastically increasing your energy bills over time. In short, cheap single-speed pumps are a false economy.

Prioritise safety

When selecting the materials for your pool, it's important to do so with you and your family's safety in mind, rather than choosing items based solely on their appearance.

For example, while high-gloss pool tiles may look very modern and glamorous, their smooth texture may also make them very slippery.

As such, placing them around the pool area could result in a person who is standing or walking close to the edge of the pool slipping and falling headfirst into the water. If this leads to them hitting their head on the floor of the pool, they could end up being severely injured.

Similarly, it's important to ensure that the pool ladder you choose has anti-slip tread grips on its rungs; whilst these may not look particularly stylish, they can significantly reduce the chances of a person losing their footing when climbing in or out of the pool, which can, in turn, reduce the chances of them sustaining a serious injury.