Hair Clogging a Pool Pump? 5 Things You Can Do

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Hair Clogging a Pool Pump? 5 Things You Can Do

14 May 2018
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If dirt and debris are allowed to enter the pump on your swimming pool, it can cause real problems. The pump will become inefficient and may eventually stop working. If during routine maintenance of your pool pump you find hair, it is important that you take action. Below is a guide to 5 things you can do to keep hair out of your pool pump.

Use a pool vacuum

A pool vacuum is a really cool piece of equipment which operates along the same lines as a household vacuum cleaner. However, a pool vacuum is designed to work underwater and it features an extra long attachment which allows you to vacuum the sides and bottom of your pool. If you don't want to go to the effort of manually vacuuming the hair which is stuck to the bottom and side of your pool, you should consider investing in a robotic pool vacuum which can be programmed to clean your pool with minimal input.

Install a skimmer to your pool filter

In an ideal world, any hair which does enter the pool would be caught in the filter. However, if hair is managing to get past your filter you can solve this issue by installing a skimmer. A skimmer fits over the entrance to the filter where it helps to capture any hair before it enters the filter.

Brush any pets before they enter the pool

If you have a dog which likes to cool off by swimming in the pool, you should not allow it to jump in whenever it feels like it. First, you should carefully groom your dog using a brush. Doing so will help to remove any loose hair from their coat and will prevent it from entering the pool water where it will eventually clog up the pump.

Shower before using the pool

You should always shower before jumping in the pool and you should encourage any guests to do the same. While showering before a swim may seem strange, it is a great way of preventing a build-up of hair in your pool pump. Washing your hair under a shower can help to remove any loose strands. This loose hair will then be washed down the drain rather than into your pool pump.

Call in a professional pool service

A professional pool service can help you to clean and maintain your pool. If you would like to find out more, contact a pool service can help you to deal with hair in your filter.