Avoid These Common Mistakes When You're Having a Concrete Pool Built for Your Home

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When You're Having a Concrete Pool Built for Your Home

16 August 2017
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A custom-made concrete pool can offer hours of relaxation and enjoyment for you, your family and your friends. A pool is also a great visual feature in a backyard; even just sitting by the water can be very relaxing and enjoyable. When you are ready to have a concrete pool built for your home, note a few common mistakes that homeowners often make so you can avoid them yourself and ensure your new pool is exactly what you're expecting for summertime fun.

Not considering landscaping

How will your pool fit into your yard's landscaping features? Having a large pool can mean entertaining a crowd, but if the pool goes right up to the edge of a flowerbed or landscaping tree, those features can easily get damaged by pool water and chlorine. This can also make your outdoor space seem too crowded. If you don't have landscaping by the pool, you might consider adding it, if possible. This can make the pool area seem less stark and more enjoyable and inviting overall.


You may assume a pool should be located just outside the home's patio or deck, but note if this would allow visibility of the pool from your home's interior so you can keep an eye on children and pets when they're outside. A certain location may also be too close to a neighbour's property, which could cause a noise disturbance for them, or it might make the pool too visible to the neighbours, and you will have little privacy when swimming. Carefully consider the layout of your space and the best location for your pool, rather than simply installing it next to the patio or in the middle of the yard.

Not considering all the uses for the pool

Most residential pools are used for more than just swimming; you may love to host cookouts where the adults lounge around, waiting for the food to be prepared, while the kids swim. If so, you need a large patio or eating area next to the pool so all activity stays in one spot. If you like to sit in the pool and relax without actually swimming, it's good to include lots of built-in seating.

If you swim for exercise, you need a long and narrow pool that will accommodate actual laps. If you love being in the water even when it's chilly outside, you should have an attached hot tub so you can stay warm during the colder weather and enjoy your pool as often as possible throughout the year.

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