A Happy Medium: Is A Media Filter Right For Your Pool Filtration Needs?

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A Happy Medium: Is A Media Filter Right For Your Pool Filtration Needs?

7 July 2017
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A swimming pool on your property, whether it is a simple above-ground tub or an elaborate and expensive sunken pool, can be a great way to add a touch of class and luxury to your home, not to mention giving you a great way to instantly escape the summer heat. However, any swimming pool requires an attached filtration system to keep its water clean and uncontaminated, and choosing one from the wide array of different filter types on offer can be challenging.

Media filters are one of the most popular choices of pool filter, especially for residential pools. These disarmingly simple filters use nothing more complicated than a bag of sharp builder's sand or silica, yet they can effectively service pools both large and small to keep their water sanitary. However, while these unique filters come with numerous advantages, there are also some drawbacks to choosing them, so make sure that media filters are the right choice for your pool before you invest.

What are the advantages of media pool filters?

  1. Inexpensive: Media filters are some of the most inexpensive pool filter options available, alongside simple screen filters, and they can be purchased and installed for a surprisingly small sum. Because they only require inexpensive sand or silica to provide filtration, they are also tremendously cheap to run.
  2. Effective: Media filters work by forcing the pool water through a tank containing sand, silica or another chosen filtration medium; as it passes through, the tightly packed media plucks even very small particles out of the water stream and retains them in the mass of sand. This somewhat primitive method is nonetheless extremely effective and is capable of filtering out far smaller pieces of detritus and particulate matter than many screen or disk filters.
  3. Easy to use: The simplicity of media filters makes them tremendously easy to use  — simply load the media reservoir with your chosen filtration media, turn on the filter pump and wait for your pool water to be thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Easy to maintain: This simplicity also contributes to ease of maintenance, and an occasional change of your filtration media along with a cursory inspection for any problems is generally all that is required to keep your media filter working properly.
  5. Long life: With a simplistic design and very few complicated components to go wrong, media filters can work effectively for many years and may even last as long as your pool does.

What about the disadvantages of media pool filters?

  1. Messy: Changing your filter's media when it becomes too clogged with detritus is simple enough, but can be a very messy and time-consuming task without a little organisation. While you are getting used to emptying and refilling your media filter, expect a few sand or silica spills.
  2. Requires backwashing: Media filters rely on a process known as backwashing, where the flow of water through the filter is reversed to prevent the filtration media becoming impacted and impassible. This maintenance task is generally very easy to perform, but it can alter the water level of your pool and may make balancing your pool water's pH more difficult.

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