Pool Design Tips for a Small Backyard

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Pool Design Tips for a Small Backyard

20 June 2017
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Having a pool in a small backyard can be a challenge; you want to enjoy a spacious place to swim, but also don't want the pool to crowd out room for seating, an outdoor grill, and other such features. You might also need to add a fence, as is often required by law. Note a few tips to consider if you're thinking of adding a pool to a small backyard and how to maximize that limited space:

Concrete pools

One advantage of choosing concrete versus a vinyl or fibreglass pool is that concrete can be poured into virtually any shape and size; you can then design your home's pool to work around trees, your deck or patio, a garage or shed, or any other such obstacle. This can give you more space for the pool itself, as you're not confined to the few moulded designs offered by pool manufacturers or those available from a local contractor or installer.

Timber decking

Most pools will have a concrete or stone edge or lip, to protect your property's soil from water runoff and other potential damage from pool chemicals. To maximise space in your small backyard, have your timber deck built over this concrete or stone edge so it reaches the edge of the pool itself. The timber for the deck can be treated with water-resistant sealant so it's safe from potential damage, and this can ensure you're taking advantage of every square inch or centimetre in your backyard space.

Built-in seating

When your backyard is small, you may not have much space for seating around the pool. You can address this by including built-in seating in the pool itself. This can provide space for those who want to lounge but not swim, without having to take up any of your limited space on the deck or patio for extra chairs. Being able to create built-in seating is another advantage of concrete pools, as you can have these seats included in your custom design for the pool.

Glass fencing

Consider glass pool fencing versus any other material when space is limited. Glass pool fencing will ensure you don't block the view of the pool and the backyard and don't create a chunky look for the space. Metal mesh fencing, wood fencing, or a standard hurricane fence can make a small space seem closed-in and downright claustrophobic, whereas glass will keep it open and looking as spacious as possible.