Avoid These Common Mistakes When It Comes to Your Home Spa

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When It Comes to Your Home Spa

17 June 2017
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A home spa or hot tub can be a great way to relax after a long week, or to enjoy the outdoors even when the temperature begins to fall. A home spa can even be very therapeutic, as it can help increase blood circulation and relax tired and fatigued muscles. If you have a home spa or are thinking of getting one installed at your home, note a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid with its use and maintenance, so that spa is always in good repair and lasts as long as possible.


The chemicals you use to keep a swimming pool clean and the treatments you use to keep a home spa clean are very different; this is because the surfaces of a pool and a spa are different, and the water in a spa is often much warmer than that of a pool. Using the wrong chemicals or mixing chemicals on your own can cause damage to the acrylic or plastic surface of a spa and also be ineffective at keeping the water clean. Only use chemicals meant for your type of spa in particular, and only as directed by the manufacturer, to avoid damage and to keep the spa clean.

Clogging the filter

Your home spa will have a filter for cleaning the water; this filter can get clogged very easily by body lotions and long hair. You may not think of putting up your hair when you're in your home spa as you would when swimming in a pool, and you may think that body lotions are going to help you relax in the spa. However, these lotions and any lost hairs will put added wear and tear on that filter. Rinse off all those lotions and have everyone put up their hair if needed when in the spa to protect its filter from unnecessary damage.


A home spa is meant to be kept at warmer temperatures than pools, but you still need to be careful of the water temperature. Water that is too hot can damage the plastic lining or surface of the spa, and may be more prone to bacteria, algae, and other such build-up. However, water that is too cool can also crack the lining of the home spa and other spa parts, since it's meant to accommodate water at warmer temperatures. Note the recommended temperature range for water in your home spa in particular, and ensure you monitor that temperature as needed, to protect the spa and keep the water safe and healthy for use.