4 Reasons a Regular Swimming Pool Beats a Zero-Entry Swimming Pool

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4 Reasons a Regular Swimming Pool Beats a Zero-Entry Swimming Pool

6 June 2017
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Some homeowners are tempted by zero-entry swimming pools, which start off shallow and then deepen gradually as you walk down a slope. However, these pools actually present a number of problems that can be easily avoided simply by opting for a standard swimming pool instead.

Here are just four reasons to opt for a standard swimming pool instead of a zero-entry.

1. Lower Cost

First and foremost, you're going to find yourself spending significantly more for a zero-entry pool. The slope must be exactly measured, and it takes a lot more workmanship to install a pool with a gradual slope. This is partly why zero-entry pools tend to be a lot more common in commercial properties — they can afford them.

2. Better Use of Space

If you aren't convinced to forgo the zero-entry pool after considering costs, you probably will be after you take space into account. One of the main issues with a zero-entry pool is that they take up quite a lot of space; after all, the slope needs to be gradual enough for you to walk down, which means it will need to extend quite far before you even come to the pool proper. In contrast, a regular pool is cut straight downwards into the ground, so you can put one in quite a small yard without taking up all the space.

3. Easier Exercising

Pools are great for relaxing in, but it can also be nice to have the option to use yours for a little exercise. Instead of going to the gym each day, you can spend half an hour or so swimming up and down your pool. This is fine in a regular swimming pool since the uniform shape and depth means you'll never run up against walls or find yourself hitting the shallow end, which can be a problem with zero-entry pools. If you feel like taking a few laps each morning, a regular swimming pool is where it's at.

4. Fewer Unwanted Visitors  

Something you might not have considered is that a zero-entry pool is going to attract the wrong kind of visitors. You're always going to have to work to ensure local wildlife doesn't make use of your pool, but this is a lot harder when you have a shallow end. Animals will find it easier to drink from pools with gently sloping floors, and they'll also be more tempted to deposit unexpected and unwanted presents before they leave. That can obviously be very unpleasant, but it's a situation you can help avoid by going with a regular swimming pool.

For help deciding on the best type of pool for your needs, contact a designer pool builder in your area.